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QIPC works on the blockchain through peer-to-peer computer process used to secure the network in a distributive and decentralised manner. All ledgers of transactions are kept on the Ethereum blockchain and can be accessed anytime easily.

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We take adequate measures to make sure your QIPC pass certificate is safe with us by storing in offline storage, providing important security measures against theft and loss.

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QIPC would partner with top open exchange platforms around the world to make buying and selling or exchanging QIPC seamless and easy with a secure experience.

What is QIPC

About The QIPC

QIPC, International Pass Certificate is developed as an Artificial Intelligent system, with predictive capability that can assist both new and experienced crypto users alike in making profitable trade.

The pass certificate also offer membership access to numerous sites from partner store where great discounts can be obtained for goods and services purchased through the system. Bringing future financial opportunities and increase in value to its participants.

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Competitive Benefit

  • Name : QChi International Pass Certificate
  • Symbol : QIPC
  • Decimal : 18
  • Platform : Ethereum
  • Standard : ERC20
  • Total Supply : 920,000,000 (920 Million)
Safe & Secure
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Digital Asset
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  • interconnection Dev.
  • Marketing & General
  • Mobile Ad Platform
  • Ad Platform Integration
  • Operational Overhead

Token Distribution

  • Sale
  • Build Out
  • Team & Advisers
  • Private Investors
  • Bounty
Road Map

QIPC Timeline

QIPC is an innovative AI platform to change the way we use crypto in the future. We're slowly transforming the website into the best place for both beginners and advanced users alike to use and trade cryptocurrencies


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QIPC very own App is soon to be available (In April) for download on Android and Apple mobile devices. It enables users to get access to membership discounts from partners and supported stores.

Special AI tools and features to automate trades and enhance user experience would be integrated into the App when they features become available (In August).


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some commonly asked questions.

QIPC is going to be listed on several online trading exchange platforms. We plan for QIPC to be traded against other cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC and others.
QIPC is based on the Ethereum ERC20 standard, therefore can be stored on any standard Ethereum wallets that support ERC20. eg. imToken Wallet, Trust Wallet, Coinomi Wallet, MyEtherWallet, MetaMask Wallet... It is essential that you pay attention to the safety of your wallet and passphrase.
Sorry, we can't help to get it back. QIPC contract follows the ERC20 standard, which means QIPC is decentralised and the contract owner has no control over it. Only you can keep your tokens safe, so please make sure you thoroughly educate yourself about how to safely store and send tokens before making any transactions, always double check that you are sending to the correct address, and never send your private keys to anyone. Anyone who has your private keys can, and probably will, take your money.
Kindly send an email to

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The whitepaper provides an authoritative guide to the whole QIPC design and plan. It is meant to help readers understand related systems and structures as partaining to QIPC. It also serves as a promotion and marketing guide. The whitepaper is available in Chinese.

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